My profession became my life-saving element. Back in 2017 I had a severe relapse of my BRAF-V600E mutated colorectal cancer with large lymphnode involvement. Due to a lack of available therapies and accessible trials I ended up in designing my own treatment and became NED (no evidence of disease) mid 2018. My treatment involved targeted therapy, cytotoxic therapy, immunotherapy as well as various local approaches. Since then I follow the concept of targeting the tumor’s evolution, which turned out to be a great strategy. The knowledge I gained in oncology, combined with my professional background, gives me now the opportunity to act as a consultant on the following topics:

  • patient centered clinical trial design
  • therapy engineering for „N=1“-like trials
  • evidence based patient advocacy and education

As a medical engineer and patient I am capable of combining the researchers perspective with the patients perspective.

I was asked to participate in a film-project about research in oncology. Have a look at the film-teaser THE CURE here.